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From Karel Wouters <>
Subject New live site: Apache XML Security
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 10:25:41 GMT

The Apache XML security project moved to Forrest.

(the ugly logo will be replaced as soon as we find some inspiration :)

Here's some feedback:

- We have multiple FAQ files, named faq.xml in different directories and
  when producing the PDF for those files, we get nullpointerexceptions:

	java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.NullPointerException

  (the html version is fine)
  we have xdocs/faq.xml, xdocs/Java/faq.xml and xdocs/C/faq.xml
  For xdocs/faq.xml, a nice PDF is generated, but for the other two, we
  get an exception.

- In the site.xml file, we would like to define not only our external
  references, but also contacts, mailinglists. I remember vaguely having
  read something like that in the Forrest wish-list.
  We now have external-refs like:
  <kwouters label="Karel Wouters" href=""/>

- As you see, I already defined my external-refs with an additional
  label, such that we can use the something like this in the future:
  <jump ext:sax/> instead of <jump ext:sax>SAX</jump>
  When I have defined
  <sax label="SAX" href=""/>
  I guess I only need to change some XSLT files to do that, but we would
  like to stick to the 'default' Forrest version.

All thing considered, I can say that we enjoyed porting our docs to Forrest
and that we are happy with the result. It's a nice framework.
Keep up the good work!

Karel Wouters.

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