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From "Victor Mote" <>
Subject custom formatting / css
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 18:10:09 GMT
Dear Forrest developers:

I am a sometime FOP developer, and have little (but growing) knowledge of
most of the other Apache projects. I have spent a fair amount of time trying
to find the answer the question below from the Forrest & Cocoon web sites,
but I am afraid this is probably a newbie question.

FOP has a document on its site which uses a custom DTD:

About the time that we switched over to Forrest, I had written an XSLT
stylesheet which converted the source XML to HTML, embedding some "class"
attributes in the HTML <td> elements, and embedding some CSS code into the
document head for formatting based on those classes. Specifically, I am
trying to color-code cells in the table based on the classes. Someone (I
think Keiron Liddle) adapted the XSLT to convert to the document-v11 format
which is now used to generate our web site. At that time, we expected to
lose, and did lose, the color-coding, which I am now going to try to get

1. Interestingly, the "class" attributes survive all the way into the
published HTML. I would think that they might cause validation problems, as
they are not in the DTD.

1. Since document-v11 is a semantic-oriented DTD, with no formatting
information, is what I am trying to do here more-or-less violating the
spirit of what Forrest is intended to provide?
2. What is the best practices way of accomplishing this (ie. essentially
overriding the default Forrest formatting)?
3. Is there a mechanism for getting css code and/or references passed
through the document-v11 document? I have noted the thread with Peter West
about embedding ehtml documents, but I am under the impression that would be
for <body> contents. IIUC, the custom DTD has nothing to do with this, but
this is rather a general question that would apply to any document-v11
4. Is this all documented somewhere & I just missed it?

TIA for your help. It has been fun to see Forrest evolve into a very useful
product. Thanks for all of your efforts.

Victor Mote (
2025 Eddington Way
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916
Voice +1 (719) 622-0650
Fax   +1 (720) 293-0044

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