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From "Victor Mote" <>
Subject RE: custom formatting / css
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 02:11:52 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

> Cocoon goes through each page (starting with index.html), and after
> rendering it, extracts all the links to other pages, and renders them.
> If no other pages reference compliance.pdf, it won't be rendered.
> I suggest you add a <a href="compliance.pdf"> link to the output of your
> compliance2html.xsl stylesheet.
> Btw, you can debug what links a page has by typing 'forrest run', and
> then requesting http://localhost:8888/compliance.html?cocoon-view=links

OK -- I had thought I would get the document built first, then add the link
after that worked. I have that working now.

My forrest log indicates that either compliance.html or the document before
it is generating an NPE from Xalan, and this is probably caused by the
little table that I added to get the pdf icon next to the title, mimicking
the output of some document2fo pdfs. I am unable to duplicate this outside
of Forrest, even using the Xalan that comes with Forrest. It doesn't /seem/
to affect anything -- the output appears to all be there. I'm not going to
ask you to find the problem, but if you happen to recognize it, please let
me know.

The pdf itself is mangled & unusable, but that is no doubt because the
version of FOP forrest (or at least forrestbot) is using is not current.
When I run it manually with current FOP CVS, I do get usable output (it is
not pretty, but that is a FOP issue). This is not very important, so please
don't interpret this as a request to change anything.

Thanks again for your help getting the FOP site up and running.

Victor Mote

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