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Subject Re: Re: preservelastmodified in copy-xdocs and webapp target
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 08:59:14 GMT
Hello Jeff,

> Though, just to confirm: doesn't 'backcopy' still work moreorless the
> same?  The critical thing is that:
> - Files modified in build/webapp/content/xdocs/* are copied back
> - Files modified in src/documentation/content/xdocs are NOT overwritten
> I assume the timestamp preservation is just an optimization, not fixing
> any brokenness in the above..

Maybe that depends on the point of view, but for us it's not only an 
Im not familiar with CVS, but with our revision control system (Continuus) 
it makes
a difference.
It's possible to modify source files which are NOT checked out yet and let 
detect later which files must be checked out after modifying them. This 
detection is based
on timestamps and not on content comparison (which would last too long).
So with the non timestamp preserving version, we would not be able to use 
this feature, since
all files would be detected as 'modified', even if the contents are still 
the same.

Thanks for applying the changes.

--- Schorsch
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