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From "Oliver Alth" <>
Subject Forrest on OS/390 Unix System Services
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2003 16:42:50 GMT

am currently working on a project
in our departement that involves installing the apache forrest tool.

      I am currently trying to install forrest on USS for z/OS (OS/390). I
      encountered several problems having to do with ASCII-EBCDIC
      conversion. I found out that I had to translate shell scripts and
      some other files from ASCII to EBCDIC using the pax tool.I left Jar,
      Zip, XML Files as they were. Finally, I was able to execute forrest.

         The remaining problem:
         Forrest says

         BUILD FAILED:
         file:///u/uni1/apache-forrest-0.4-bin/ Could
         not validate document

         when calling forrest
          after having called forrest seed.

         Perhaps it has something to with the dtds?

         On Linux and Windows, the same procedure works without problems.

         Have you got any ideas about this problem?

IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH, Schönaicher Str. 220, D-71032 Böblingen
eServer Software Management, D4357, Intern: 7103-06, Tel. 902-2790,
Tel.: ++49-(0)7031-16-4280, Fax.: 07031-16-2790

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