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From "Oliver Alth" <>
Subject Document Linking
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 09:15:43 GMT

i am trying the following to get the menu items defined in site.xml

<general label="General" href="general/">
            <author label="Author" href="general.html">
                  <top href="#top"/>
                  <section href="#author"/>
            <version label="Version" href="general.html">
                  <top href="#top"/>
                  <section href="#version"/>
            <todo label="Todo" href="general.html">
                  <top href="#top"/>
                  <section href="#todo"/>

In general.xml, e.g. the anchor looks like:


      <anchor id="author"/>
      <title>About the authors</title>
        <title> Johann Pramberger </title>
            <p>Xtcm, or Xscml as it was called earlier,
            was originally developed by Johann Pramberger at
        the Software Management department at Boeblingen Lab.
            The original name defined a prototype that could execute
            local or mapped programs. For questions on that prototype,
            please contact Johann Pramberger.


The links don't work, when I click on the menu items, it is always referred
to the top of the page.

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