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From Sergey Missan <>
Subject Re[3]: suppressing index.html
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 04:24:37 GMT
 Hello Jeff,

A couple of things to add:

When I found that site.xml containing directories as links

     <ch1 label="Part1" href="ch1/"/>

lead to the erroneous (your opinion may vary) menu generation, I
decided to add index.html there, eg:

<ch1 label="Part1" href="ch1/index.html"/>

(the gain is that selected document is properly recognised and
highlighted in the menu), but get rid of index.html-s in menu afterwards.
I was thinking that since book2menu is evoked after the document body
is rendered (that what I thought, anyways), I can safely truncate index.html there, which
will lead
to the index.html-free menus. But it affected the whole rendering process

-- Sergey

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