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From "Peter B. West" <>
Subject Re: Foreign html + javascript links + .js file
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 13:53:24 GMT

Attached are the diffs of the changes I made to get the 
resources/scripts files to be picked up.  I also had a lot of fun trying 
to work out why some of my .ehtml files would be recognised, while 
others generated empty files.  The difference turned out to be that the 
<HTML/> tags were upper case.


Peter B. West wrote:
> Peter B. West wrote:
>> Jeff,
>> One more question might be the last.  Where do I put the .js files and 
>> how do I refer to them within the .ehtml?
> Forrest is aware that a script src should be found under resources, but 
> was not copying any such files into context.  I added references to the 
> resources/scripts directory in parallel to the resources/images 
> properties in and, presto, the links were resolved.

Peter B. West
"Lord, to whom shall we go?"

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