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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: WYSIWYG editing: a proposal
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 13:39:26 GMT
Gianugo Rabellino wrote:
> Tired of endless days looking for a good solution for Joe A. User to
> edit XML content, we finally decided to try to hack our way through.
> The result is currently available for a "sneak peek" on
> for Mozilla 1.3b users and
> possibly IE (click on "Edit this document" to see it in action). Don't
> expect too much, it's still quite buggy, but is seems like it might be a
> viable solution once some quirks are sorted out.

It sure does...

> Some words of warning:
> 1. you might need to reload your page to have the editor working, I
> don't know why and it never happened to me on other test machines...
> probably it has to do with network latency and javascript quirks;

No luck over here, and hitting refresh doesn't help much neither. I get 
to see a richtext editing box, with no content and lots of inviting 
buttons, which don't do much unfortunately (using Moz 1.3b).

Is that machine on a slow link? If so, I might be able to help (but you 
knew that already).

> 2. please don't edit the front page, use the sandbox to play with the
> editor (I will however regenerate it from time to time);
> 3 there are bugs with images (easy to fix), section handling (a PITA)
> and list items (weird). Plenty of them. Actually this is little more
> than an untested proof of concept so don't hold your breath; :-)
> 4. I can't really assure that the server will be up 24/7, since it's
> unattended (it's just a "forrest run" from my shell account, and I have
> to leave shortly).
> This said, I'd be glad to have some feedback and possibly donate this
> set of hacks to the Forrest community if you are interested. We plan to
> work further on this, and would be glad both to contribute to the
> community effort and to get some help on the way. :-)

More, more!

The only remaining plug in my book is hoping for XXE to come up with a 
browser applet editor. XXE rocks and already loads the crap-Authentix 
test Docbook document MANY times faster than Authentix itself.

For people who want to see HTMLArea, check

Looking good, Gianugo!

Steven Noels                  
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