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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [RT] Dynamic sitemaps
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 15:33:29 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

> I once thought auto-mounted sub-sitemaps could allow us to break up the
> sitemap, but I'm rather skeptical now.  Once a request is delegated to a
> subsitemap, it *has* to be handled in that subsitemap.  We can't
> speculatively throw in a <map:mount>.

I haven't spend much thinking on this, but couldn't this bad behaviour 
be caused by the fact we usually map:mount specific 'subdirectories' in 
our URI space:

match pattern="foo/**"
   mount src="mountables/{1}" uri-prefix="mounted/{1}"

Now if we change the thinking to mounting specific media types instead, 
would that help? :

match pattern="**.*"
   mount src="mountablecontenttypes/{2}" uri-prefix=" "
don't know what to put in here ---------------------|

so that requests for URI = foo/bar/resourcename.mediatype are routed to 
the sitemap responsible for producing the relevant response for that 
media type.

Of course, this brings the discussion back (gee!) of Marc's infamous 
double extensions, which I strongly despise. Also, I don't know whether 
this will offer more robustness to the mount concept, nor any enhanced 
modularity. It was just something that came across my mind when reading 
your mails.

I have the tendency to agree with your problem statement, but clearly it 
is one of these border scenarios again, just like reverting the sitemap 
and the link rewriting thing.


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