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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: Problems with pdfdoc.gif and forrest run/forrest webapp
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 13:07:33 GMT
On Fri, Mar 28, 2003 at 11:50:28AM +0100, Schlierf, Stephan wrote:
> Yesterday I checked out forrest from CVS (because of the well known
> "pdf-with-images problem).
> Now the images are displayed in PDF-files, but I discovered another problem:
> In the xml-forrest directory I made a new directory, changed to it and did a
> "forrest seed" to populate it with the template.
> After that I did a "forrest site", but in the generated website the
> "pdf-link" image isn't shown anymore.
> During the "forrest site" command I get an error message:
> -> [broken page] skin/omages/pdfdoc.gif.pdf
> No pipeline matched request: skin/images.xml

Ah yes, just fixed it.

> As far as I can see, the name of the gif-file to display is constructed in a
> wrong way.
> Secondly, I used to start the internal webserver by "forrest run" in order
> to point my web browser to "http://localhost:8888"
> After that I used the "forrest webapp" command to "commit" changes I made to
> the xml-files.
> This used to work fine.
> If I do this now I get some - error ? - messages during the "forrest run"
> command (see attached file ForrestRunMsg.txt) but I get the specific
> index-site via localhost:8888.
> If I do a "forrest webapp" command after that it shows no errors but if I
> try to reload http://localhost:8888 I get a Cocoon 2 - Internal server error
> (see attached file cocoon_error.html)

Ah yes.  This is a bug in the Cocoon snapshot that Forrest uses.
Whenever WEB-INF/cocoon.xconf is modified, Cocoon fails to reload it,
generating "You cannot lookup components on a disposed ComponentLocator"

Until this bug is fixed in Cocoon, best thing to do is change your
development practices.  Instead of editing in src/documentation/* and
"committing" change with 'forrest webapp' (which overwrite cocoon.xconf),
try editing XML in build/webapp/content/xdocs/* directly.  Then once you
are happy with the results, run 'forrest backcopy', which copies the
files you modified in build/webapp/* back to src/documentation/*.


> Does anybody know what's going wrong ?
>  <<cocoon_error.html>>  <<ForrestRunMsg.txt>> 
> Stephan

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