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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: images in local dirs -- solved
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 13:14:30 GMT
On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 01:06:28PM -0400, Sergey Missan wrote:
> Hello,
> Sometime ago I requested to have images in local dirs, instead of
> dumping them all into resources/images.
> This tweak of sitemap seems to do the trick (but I don't know if this
> is the best solution):
> <!-- WARNING: See above: this target should not be made use of -->
>             <map:match pattern="**/images/**.*">
>                <map:read src="content/xdocs/{0}" mime-type="image/{3}" />
>             </map:match>
> Now, if I use <figure> like this
> <figure width="402" height="226" src="images/jw-02-howto1.gif"
> alt="Test." />
> and place image file into the local image/ dir (i.e.
> xdocs/subdir/images/), forrest correctly includes it.


> This allows inclusion of images together with xml documents that use
> them and leads to the more "manageable" site structure.
> -- Sergey
>  PS: what is the current situation with images in PDFs?

There's two aspects:

 - Last I tried, FOP from CVS gave some NPEs when run with Forrest, and
   got alignments wrong, and this prevented us from using it.  Quite
   likely things have since improved.
 - To use the latest FOP, Forrest needs a hacked Cocoon jar.  When I
   tried to synch with the latest Cocoon a few days ago, performance fell
   by ~30% and various pages failed in odd ways, so I didn't commit.

In other words, I have my head in the sand hoping problems in FOP and
Cocoon will go away by the time I next try them.  For now, the only thing
to do is hand-generate the PDFs :/


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