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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: suppressing index.html
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 04:52:01 GMT
On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 12:03:46AM -0400, Sergey Missan wrote:
> Hello Jeff,
> JT> I'm not sure what you're trying to do.  Do you want to completely exclude
> JT> .../index.html links, or just trim off the 'index.html' bit?
> Sorry, I should explain myself better -- yes trim the 'index.html'
> part in menu-s. Most of url-s we have are directories, and I don't
> like this index.html-centric behavior of forrest.

Neither do I.  It's a Cocoon command-line thing. There was some talk
recently of fixing it.

> If I use directories in my site.xml, for example:
>    <begin label="test" href="begin/">
>     <ch1 label="Part1" href="ch1/"/>
>     <ch2 label="Part2" href="ch2/"/>
>    </begin>
> forrest will
>  1 add index.html to the resulting links in menu (wrong!)

Is it wrong because the {begin,ch1,ch2}/index.html files don't exist?

Put another way, if you type 'forrest run', then view the site at
http://localhost:8888/, does the menu behave as expected?

If so, then there is an easyish fix: prevent the Cocoon command-line from
trying to render the links to directories (and adding 'index.html').

>  2 won't properly highlight selected document in menu (looks like it
>  related to the way it does $actual-path = $path-noext" in book2menu
>  -- it requires name of the file there, not just directory)

If you have a link to 'ch1/', then unless you're planning to give the
user a directory listing, you'll have to serve a real file. Typically
'ch1/' redirects to 'ch1/index.html'.  If Cocoon generated that file, why
wouldn't it be in the menu, and therefore be highlighted?

> JT> So if the menu doesn't point to foo/index.html, and it isn't referenced
> JT> in the body of any page, then it is assumed un-get-to-able and won't be
> JT> rendered.  Perhaps this is the problem?
> No, it just the way menu (and tabs too) are generated. It requires name of the file
> to be specified in site.xml, or adds index.html to all links. And I want
> it to leave those /-terminated links alone.

So the question is whether the problem is with the Cocoon command-line,
or the Forrest stylesheets.


> -- Sergey

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