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From Sergey Missan <>
Subject Re[2]: suppressing index.html
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 05:17:03 GMT
Hello Jeff,

Wednesday, March 05, 2003, 12:52:01 AM, you wrote:

JT> Is it wrong because the {begin,ch1,ch2}/index.html files don't exist?

JT> If you have a link to 'ch1/', then unless you're planning to give the
JT> user a directory listing, you'll have to serve a real file. Typically
JT> 'ch1/' redirects to 'ch1/index.html'.  If Cocoon generated that file, why
JT> wouldn't it be in the menu, and therefore be highlighted?

this is because different directories may have different index files
-- it may be .shtml, .jsp, etc. It's confusing for user to have
different index files in different cases, much better to have
/-trailing urls (consistent), and let http server sort the mess.

JT> If so, then there is an easyish fix: prevent the Cocoon command-line from
JT> trying to render the links to directories (and adding 'index.html').

I tried that and no luck (yet). I'll try again and give you a sensible
(hopefully) test case on all these issues.

JT> So the question is whether the problem is with the Cocoon command-line,
JT> or the Forrest stylesheets.
probably both. Cocoon adds (unnecessary) index.html-s, but it looks like
forrest stylesheets expect a filename in the urls, or they wont work
properly (test case is how forrest determines current document and
adds a sel. style to it in the menu).

-- Sergey

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