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From Sergey Missan <>
Subject Re[2]: suppressing index.html
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 04:03:46 GMT
Hello Jeff,

JT> I'm not sure what you're trying to do.  Do you want to completely exclude
JT> .../index.html links, or just trim off the 'index.html' bit?
Sorry, I should explain myself better -- yes trim the 'index.html'
part in menu-s. Most of url-s we have are directories, and I don't
like this index.html-centric behavior of forrest. If I use directories
in my site.xml, for example:

   <begin label="test" href="begin/">
    <ch1 label="Part1" href="ch1/"/>
    <ch2 label="Part2" href="ch2/"/>

forrest will
 1 add index.html to the resulting links in menu (wrong!)
 2 won't properly highlight selected document in menu (looks like it
 related to the way it does $actual-path = $path-noext" in book2menu
 -- it requires name of the file there, not just directory)

JT> So if the menu doesn't point to foo/index.html, and it isn't referenced
JT> in the body of any page, then it is assumed un-get-to-able and won't be
JT> rendered.  Perhaps this is the problem?

No, it just the way menu (and tabs too) are generated. It requires name of the file
to be specified in site.xml, or adds index.html to all links. And I want
it to leave those /-terminated links alone.

-- Sergey

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