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From "Konstantin Piroumian" <>
Subject Re: Usability news website
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 10:11:07 GMT
From: "Nicola Ken Barozzi" <>

> Konstantin Piroumian wrote, On 26/03/2003 16.59:
> > Just wonder why don't you like the JavaScript version of menu?
> > See it here:
> Because
>   - on text-only browsers it would make the site unusable.

Just try it from lynx/lynks: the layout is not that good, but it's usable.

>   - it still doesn't address the "stacker" proposal I made and tend to
> be interested in ATM.

Sorry, I'm not aware of it.

>   - it transfers much more bytes at every request.

It makes much less requests if you have deep nesting. With the proposed
solution you'll make several requests until you get to the page you are
looking for.

>   - it can be tricky to get it working well in all browsers.

Agree. But it's not impossible.
For Apache project sites this can be a real issue, but other projects could
choose to support only a limited number of browsers, so this can be an
option for them too.

> As I said in a previous post, javascript menus are excellent when you
> have a framed design, so that they offload the server and reduce
> bandwidth. They are good also in intranet-application designs, less so
> in sites like the ones we want to do IMHO.

Mainly I am agree with the above, but I also think about the usability of
documentation sites, where you don't have to reload the whole page just to
see get to the next menu level.

> NOTE: please snip off the parts of the mail that are not strictly needed
> to convey context.

They were needed.


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