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From "Sergio Ramazzina" <>
Subject Fw: Problem defining a new document type
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 09:54:27 GMT
Hi to everybody,

I'm a newbie with Forrest and I've got a big problem trying to add a new
catalog DTD to forrest existing catalog. I've carefully followed the
instructions found in the XML Validation section of the Forrest site but
nothing was able to help me. Briefly a summary of the operations I've done:

1) I've defined 2 new files edocs-requana-v10.dtd and edocs-requana-v10.mod.
About these files: the first is just an import of document-v11.mod and
common-charents-v10.mod and the second is empty (may be this can cause any
problems??). This was done just to make a try that all the things initially
goes ok. The two files are located under a directory

 2) I've added entries to declare the new document definitions and reusable
modules to catalog and catalog.xconf following the standards specified in
the documentation and also looking at how other entries were declared.

3) I've set, in, the variables for project.catalog and

When I execute the forrest validate command the systems gives me the
following error

Buildfile: E:\apache-forrest-0.4-bin\

Loading project specific properties from

file://E:/apache-forrest-0.4-bin/ Could not validate

It seems that it isn't able to find the declaration for the new dtds yet
declared. Can someone help me to find the way to make things works? My
version of Forrest is 0.4 and JDK 1.4.1_01.
I've included the .dtd and .mod files, the, the catalog
and catalog.xmod and the file index.xml that uses the new catalog.

Thanks a lot to everyone that will help me.


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