>> Hello,
> >> I've got some newbie questions:
> >> 1) I would like to remove the "Apache > Xml.apache" link on the top
> left
> >> corner of a generated HTML-site. How can I do this ? (Don't worry, the
> >> Forrest-logo is still included...)
>This is configured via your src\documentation\skinconf.xml
> >If you comment the <group...> stuff out, it wouldnīt be rendered.
Hm, I think I must be more precise. I didn't mean the logo but the link
above it which is shown like "Apache > Xml.apache".
I figured out that you can change it by changing the <trail>...</trail>
section and if you keep the structure but remove the content it doesn't
appear anymore.

If you uncomment these entries, that "Apache > Xml.apache" stuff isnīt generated also.
It worked by me with forrest 0.2 to 0.3 (I havenīt migrated to 0.4 yet, but I think
there it will work, too).

Jan Matčrne