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From admin <>
Subject Re[2]: Specifying src
Date Sat, 15 Feb 2003 03:19:18 GMT

thanks for the prompt response

JT> Alternatively (I've never understood why images are 'resources') you can
JT> drop images directly in src/documentation/content/, and refer to them
JT> without the prefix: <figure src="whatever.png">

Yes, but this means that all images are dumped in the same directory
(yuck!). I'd rather have images pertinent to the article, howto, etc.,
located in the same dir with xml source for the article (it's still
far from being ideal -- any real world application almost requires the
ability to fetch images from different places _with ease_). I'm
probably asking for too much too early :), but this is now the only
real showstopper for me.

JT> It looks like site: linking does not work with 'src' attributes in 0.4.
JT> It could be made to with a small sitemap tweak.
Well, even if it would it wont be too helpful -- or is it? I mean,
what I really need is the ability to say src="blah.gif", and then
Forrest will take it from the local dir. May be something like
"local:blah.gif" is feasible to implement?

-- Sergey

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