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From admin <>
Subject index.html linking and menus
Date Sun, 23 Feb 2003 15:44:25 GMT

when linking to the directory without the file name, or when creating
site.xml like this:

    <ch1 label="Chapter 1" href="ch1/"/>
    <ch2 label="Chapter 2" href="ch2/"/>
    <ch3 label="Chapter 3" href="ch3/"/>

forrest appends urls with index.html "automagically". Is there a
way to stop this? (i.e. I need href=../ch2/ instead of
href=../ch2/index.html) I've tried to change

<map:match pattern="**/">
  <map:redirect-to uri="{request:contextPath}/{1}/index.html" />


<map:match pattern="**/">
  <map:redirect-to uri="{request:contextPath}/{1}/" />

in sitemap.xmap to no avail.

Question #2 -- is it possible to rename files during copying to
"build" dir -- for example replace file extension with "shtml" instead of

many thanks in advance

-- Sergey

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