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From "Joshua P. Dady" <>
Subject Re: Site.xml questions.
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 15:38:10 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Currently going to a subdir will show on the left only the part of 
> site.xml related to that dir. Make the tab point to a dir...

Okay, now you've got me going.  8)  Isn't this solving a different, but 
closely related problem to what he's asking about?  (I ask mostly 
because, if I'm confused, I'd like to hear where I went off.  And maybe 
because I want the same behavior I think he's looking for)

Given a layout like the following:

My Site
+- Foo
+- Bar
+- Bonk
|  +- Foo
|  `- Bar
`- Splat
    +- Foo
    `- Bar

And tabs pointing at /, /Bonk/, and /Splat/, I think he's asking how to 
remove the /Bonk and /Splat subtrees from the menu when the / tab is 
selected.  Unless its been too long since I've updated, doesn't this 
only help with /Bonk and /Splat, barring generating the site in a 
different layout than it is deployed?  (Or is this exactly what you're 
suggesting?)  I get the xpath reference in the following paragraph.


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