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From Miles Elam <>
Subject Re: Stop menu generation
Date Sat, 15 Feb 2003 18:39:13 GMT
Robert Koberg wrote:

>Good morning,

And to you...

>I have no problem with modes in IE6

Okay, good to know.  This means that I have screwed up somewhere.  
Thanks for the info.

>>That said, I agree with Konstantin about having the client render the
>>stylesheet if possible;  Anything the server can safely pass on to the
>>client for processing is always a good thing IMHO.
>The only problem is if the the client does not allow activeX to run. 

You don't need ActiveX enabled to process an XML file with a stylesheet 
processing instruction -- only "advanced" client-side scripting 
(sometimes) requires this.  If the ActiveX control is already on the 
system, default installations make no security check.

>I have it
>turned off except for a few trusted sites. So even if you do browser detection,
>you have to check if the the browser will use the activeX (msxml).
>If they do accept it there are even cooler things you can with the MSXML SOM
>(Schema Object Model), such as make a schema driven editor.

Cool info.  My fear of course is the proliferation of editors that are 
very little more than a thin layer on top of XML.  To be honest, I've 
never really considered the parsing of schema files to be the biggest 
roadblock.  Sure they help keep your document well-formed and valid, but 
they're not really useful for people unfamiliar with XML and/or familiar 
with standard text editors.  As a counterexample, I think Bitflux is 
wonderful is this regard, but their support for namespaces and WebDAV is 
seriously missed at the moment.

- Miles

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