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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [POLL] Full vs. truncated menus
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 08:23:37 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

> So a small poll for people who care..
> [ ] The menu should be limited to files below the current directory
> [ ] The menu should display all files in the site

IMHO, I would opt for a mixed solution:

  - index page shows root content and restricted directory entries (only 
one level deep)
  - directory pages show directory content and root directories


     * About
           o Index
           o License
           o Download
           o Who we are
           o Dream list
           o FAQs
           o Changes
           o Todo
           o Live sites
     * Getting Involved
           o Contributing
           o CVS
           o Mail lists
           o Mail Archives
           o Bugs and Issues
           o Open Issues
     * Documentation
           o Forrest Primer
           o Our Contract
           o The Forrestbot
           o Using Forrest
           o XML Validation
           o Menus and Linking
           o Standards Compliance
           o Libre
           o DTD documentation
           o Sourcetype Action
           o The ForrestBar
     * Some Samples
           o document-v11
           o How-Tos
     * Community
           o About
           o How-To Samples
           o Committers
     * References
           o Apache Gump
           o Apache Cocoon
           o Krysalis Centipede

directory pages:

     * About
     * Getting involved
     * Documentation
     * Some Samples
     * Community
           o About
           o How-To Samples
                 + Overview
                 + Single Page
                 + Multi-Page
                       # Intro
                       # Step 1
                       # Step 2
                       # Step 3
                       # Step 4
                       # Step 5
                 + With Images
           o Committers
                 + CVS through SSH
      * References

... which brings me to the long-lasting itch why we can't make <menu 
label>s make direct links:

# About -> really points to Index in this case
     * License
     * Download
     * Who we are
     * Dream list
     * FAQs
     * Changes
     * Todo
     * Live sites

What do you think?

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