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From "J.Pietschmann" <>
Subject Re: Xinclude and (in)validation
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 21:49:18 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:
> Problem is, whatever tool does the xinclude preprocessing will need to
> use a parser, and when that parser encounters the DOCTYPE declaration it
> will try to validate the XML :)

Use a non-validating parser, like AElfred, or tell Xerces
not to validate.

> That is, unless the xinclude tool uses XNI directly, or fiddles with the
> bytestream before and after parsing:

IIRC someone already hooked an XInclude processor into a recent Xerces
using XNI so that it kicks in before validating.
This seems to be a cleaner solution than hacking the DocBook DTD,
and it will alos work for xdocs, XHTML, whatever, at the hopefully
acceptable cost of being locked into using a single XML parser.
Perhaps someone should
1. Read the Xerces docs
2. Ask the CyberNeko maintainer
3. Ask on the Xerces list for support.

> I think the best solution is to modify the DTD to allow xi:include.  The
> Docbook book has some info on this process:

This is akward, and I don't think you can really get xi:include
*everywhere*. An people *will* ultimately put an xi:include
somewhere where the DTD forbids it.

> Even the latest version of Docbook has declared SVG, MathML
> and HTML forms in the DTD, rather than abandon DTDs altogether.

You'll note that processing the full DocBook DTD already uses
a significant amount of the total processing time.


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