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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: Specifying src
Date Sat, 15 Feb 2003 03:57:34 GMT
On Fri, Feb 14, 2003 at 11:19:18PM -0400, admin wrote:
> Jeff,
> thanks for the prompt response
> JT> Alternatively (I've never understood why images are 'resources') you can
> JT> drop images directly in src/documentation/content/, and refer to them
> JT> without the prefix: <figure src="whatever.png">
> Yes, but this means that all images are dumped in the same directory
> (yuck!). I'd rather have images pertinent to the article, howto, etc.,
> located in the same dir with xml source for the article (it's still
> far from being ideal -- any real world application almost requires the
> ability to fetch images from different places _with ease_). I'm
> probably asking for too much too early :), but this is now the only
> real showstopper for me.

Yes, allowing a more flexible source directory layout is a major goal.
Currently it is *possible* to have a unified content/ directory with
xdocs, images etc, but it requires some tweaking of the Cocoon sitemap
(the process is described at
Specifically, all references to 'content/xdocs' need to be replaced with
'content' (assuming xdocs in content/).  Also, you'll need to define some
variables in


And some tweaking of the XML validation patterns might be required:


> JT> It looks like site: linking does not work with 'src' attributes in 0.4.
> JT> It could be made to with a small sitemap tweak.
> Well, even if it would it wont be too helpful -- or is it? I mean,
> what I really need is the ability to say src="blah.gif", and then
> Forrest will take it from the local dir. May be something like
> "local:blah.gif" is feasible to implement?

'site:' linking wasn't really designed to solve this problem.  The
real solution is to parametrize the sitemap so we don't need to hardcode
'content/xdocs' (or anything else).


> -- Sergey

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