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Subject cvs commit: xml-forrest/etc RELEASE_PROCESS.txt
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 05:25:57 GMT
jefft       2003/02/12 21:25:57

  Added:       etc      RELEASE_PROCESS.txt
  Document release process
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  xml-forrest/etc/RELEASE_PROCESS.txt
                              Forrest Release Process
  $Id: RELEASE_PROCESS.txt,v 1.1 2003/02/13 05:25:57 jefft Exp $
  This file documents the steps a release manager should follow when making a new
  Forrest release.
   - Edit module.xml and replace the '-dev' text with '':
      <project name="xml-forrest">
          <version fix="0" major="0" minor="4" tag="-dev"/>
   - Edit status.xml, remove the -dev from the current <release> tag, and set the
     date.  Also add a new <release> for development on the next version  e.g.
      <release version="0.4-dev" date="unreleased">
      <release version="0.5-dev" date="unreleased">
      <release version="0.4" date="2002-02-13">
   - Edit src/resources/forrest-shbat/, and update the version
     tag embedded in the Ant script:
      |                 Forrest Site Builder                  |
      |                        0.4-dev                        |
   - Create a new file, etc/RELEASE-NOTES-x.y.txt, where x.y is the version
     currently being released.  It is best to copy an earlier RELEASE-NOTES file,
     to keep a common layout.
     In this file, provide a summary of changes, and check for general accuracy.
   - Run 'build release-dist' to generate the distributions.
   - Test the distribution.
   - If everything looks okay, tag CVS with 'cvs tag FORREST_xy', where 'xy' is a
     compact form of the version (eg 04, 041, 05).  Run 'cvs log build.xml' to
     see existing tags.
   - For 0.x releases, create a maintenance branch in CVS with 'cvs tag -b
    Note: if you realise you tagged too soon, tags can be updated with 
    'cvs tag -F <tag>'.  See 'cvs --help tag' for more info.
  Upload and announcement
   - Upload the binaries **and the RELEASE-NOTES** to daedalus.  This is done by
     bugging Steven.  Alternatively for people with daedalus access, I believe
     the process is documented at
   - Wait for the various mirrors to pick up the new file (see  This has been known to
     take up to 10 hours.  
   - Send an announcement email.  Typically this is sent to and, with
     forrest-dev Cc'ed.  As for the announcement format, see previous releases:
   - Ask Jeff to do the freshmeat ( announcement, or
     add you as an admin.
   - Edit xml-site/src/documentation/content/xdocs/news.xml and record the
     announcement, and then commit the new HTML to xml-site/targets/forrest (this
     can be done automatically from
   - Edit module.xml, increment the version and add a -dev tag:
      <project name="xml-forrest">
          <version fix="0" major="0" minor="5" tag="-dev"/>
   - Edit src/resources/forrest-shbat/ and update the version:
      |                 Forrest Site Builder                  |
      |                          0.5                          |
  All done!
  Or perhaps not.. if you think of anything, please add it here.

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