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From admin <>
Subject Re[2]: index.html linking and menus
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2003 21:03:11 GMT
Hello Jeff,

many thanks for your help

JT> 3) Copy the attached filterlinks.xsl into
JT> src/documentation/resources/stylesheets/ (you'll have to create that
JT> directory).

JT> This filters out any links that end with '/', so the Cocoon command-line
JT> doesn't see them.

Hmm, this does not work for me
when I use the line from the file you gave me

and not(substring(., string-length(.)) = '/')

the site building stops after index.html is built.

when I change it to

and not(substring(., string-length(.)-1) = '/')

(whic is obviously always gives true) -- it works. So, the problem still

JT> It might be possible with enough tweaking of a custom sitemap, but the
JT> easiest solution is just to write an Ant script to do it after Forrest
JT> has run:

yep, it worked, I just changed it to
<move todir="build/site">
   <fileset dir="build/site">
        <include name="**/*index.html"/>
   <mapper type="glob" from="*index.html" to="*main.shtml"/>

thanks for the tip.

-- Sergey

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