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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: New to the project and a website bug
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 07:09:50 GMT
Steve Peters wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just signed up for the development mailing-list and I'm hoping
> I can help out with the project.  I've had quite a few years of
> work with Java and XML, and I'm hoping to contribute after I get
> my feet wet a bit more. 

Excellent, welcome. Any contribution is a good one.

> I did notice a problem with the index page of the site at
>  At the bottom of the
> page in the Help Wanted section, the "contributing" link is broken.
> It's pointing at
> whilst the menu link, which works, is pointing at 

Thanks. I noticed that yesterday and fixed it in CVS.
Now we need to wait for the website to be automagically updated.
It is fixed on the forrestbot website at

The reason for that break was that we were using the wrong
symbol from site.xml, i.e. site:contributing rather
than site:contrib

> Anyway, I'm going back to lurking mode for a while, but if anyone
> has any suggestions where help is needed, please let me know.

One really useful thing, and a great way to learn, is to
follow your-project.html and forrestbot-intro.html and
send patches for any out-of-date documentation.

This is one of our biggest problems at the moment.
We do not have enough troops to keep the docs in sync
with the fast pace of development.


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