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From "Joshua P. Dady" <>
Subject Re: XHTML 2 intermediate format (Re: Letting through raw HTML)
Date Sat, 25 Jan 2003 18:12:30 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:
> +1 for your rationale - but I _really_ would like _not_ to use DTDs nor 
> Schemas for formally defining our mid-tier format. We are suffering (my 
> bad) due to the use of DTDs for docv11 already.

It seems like as good time as any to throw some of my loose change into 
the discussion.

I rather liked the idea of an "HTML-Light" intermediate format, even if 
I had to tweak the site2html bits of the sitemap when I added a new 
source type (because I wanted to modify the CSS rules used by the final 
HTML, and I document didn't give me a way to say that).  Having a DTD 
for the intermediate format has the advantage of being an easy way for 
newcomers such as myself to get their bearings, as opposed to, say, 
trying to learn the intermediate format by reading a bunch of XSLT. 
Then there's the big blinking red arrow that pops up when your source 
file was valid, but an intermediate file wasn't.  8)

Joshua P. Dady

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