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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: XHTML 2 intermediate format (Re: Letting through raw HTML)
Date Sat, 25 Jan 2003 09:11:08 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

> I think XHTML2 is the best candidate.
> My understanding is that XHTML 1.1 and above are broken into modules, and
> it is possible to cleanly extend XHTML by adding new modules (eg SVG).
> So for example, if we wanted to include metadata, we'd throw some RDF
> into the <head> tag and call it a module.  As an intermediate format,
> XHTML2 would be just a base which to build.

Isn't it fun when people come up with the same conclusion across 
timezones and on the opposite side of the planet? We have been composing 
our answer at the same time - I hadn't yet read your answer. :-)

+1 for your rationale - but I _really_ would like _not_ to use DTDs nor 
Schemas for formally defining our mid-tier format. We are suffering (my 
bad) due to the use of DTDs for docv11 already.

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