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From "J.Pietschmann" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Adopt site: linking
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 19:03:55 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:
> Though, I lack the imagination to guess what Forrest could actually DO with RDF
> triples or TM topics/associations.  I have the feeling there's a "killer app"
> waiting to be discovered here.

Associate abstractions, like site:svg-problems with specific entities,
like href="/foo/bar/faq.html#svg" and/or href="/wiki.cgi#SvgProblems"
external-destination="FAQ.pdf#page=13" or internal-destination="svg13".

> 1) naming (addressing) content (the XPath address)
> 2) associating metadata with content (eg @title)
> 3) ordering and categorising content ('index' before 'download', and both
>    in 'About' category)
> 4) Defining 'views' of the above. 'index.html' could be considered a
> "view" of 'site:index'.

You can use either RDF, XTM or site.xml, for some tasks one format is
better suited, for others the other format. In either case, there is
a learning curve. RTF has the advantage of at least DC for metadata,
so I guess its best to use it for this. Some people believe defining
views is better done with XTM.
However, wasn't there already metadata in the xdocs itself?

>  What Keiron is asking for is a View composed of
> multiple 'site:' nodes.  How do we circle a bunch of nodes and say "these
> belong in view X"?
Define a view and associate the doc nodes with the view nodes.

>  Links inside X must be treated differently to those
> outside X.
It depends, there is less difference for HTML than for PDF.
Of course, if we start splitting loong XDocs in several
HTML pages, or aggregate several different XDocs into one
HTML page...


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