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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Images in PDFs working (kinda)
Date Sun, 26 Jan 2003 12:44:59 GMT

After much mucking around, I've finally gotten images working in PDFs,
using the xml-fop/src/documentation/cocoon.diff patch.

Unfortunately, this required an update to CVS Cocoon, which has a massive
page reload bug:

  "Reloading a modified page causes NPE"

In addition, the latest Cocoon has the map:pipelines -> map:pipes change,
which would break everyone's project sitemaps.

When using CVS FOP, there are also a number of (seemingly non-fatal) NPEs
and messages like this:

  ERROR   (2003-01-26) 22:56.28:736   [sitemap] (Unknown-URI)
  Unknown-thread/LineLayoutManager: findHyphenPoss: problem!

I've attached the error.log from a Forrest site run.

So the choice is: images in PDFs, or the ability to edit pages with a
live Forrest.

I suggest we release 0.3 without these updates, and perhaps make a
special 0.3i release with them, for people who really need images.

I'll commit my version of Forrest to a PDF_IMAGE_BRANCH later tonight.


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