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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject 0.3 release?
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 07:40:05 GMT

There have been lots of small changes since 0.2.1.  Some of the bigger

 - Decent #fragment-identifiers
 - krysalis-site skin added, which seems quite popular
 - skin commonalities factored out into skins/common/*.  Makes writing
   new skins easier.
 - site.xml replacement for book.xml, site:, ext: links etc
 - src/documentation/content/{* - xdocs} copied across, allowing
   inclusion of static HTML (javadocs, etc).
 - forrestbot fixed up (can't remember if this was after 0.2..)
 - RSS changes.xml

What ought to happen before we release 0.3?

I would like to get the HTML fixed up

and I suspect the copying of non-xdoc contents isn't 100% because
krysalis-site sites still don't have rounded tabs.


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