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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: [RT] Linking revisited: A general linking system
Date Sat, 18 Jan 2003 07:33:23 GMT
On Sat, Jan 18, 2003 at 07:33:06AM +0100, Bernhard Huber wrote:
> hi,
> maybe i'm a bit late...
> but i checked the samples/linkrewriter-demo today,
> i noticed that linkmap.xml is something like:
> <site href="">
>   <index href="index.html"/>
>   <dreams href="dreams.html"/>
>   <faq href="faq.html">
>     <how_can_I_help href="#how_can_I_help"/>
>     <building_own_website href="#own_website"/>
> now from a xml validation point of view this is bad having that much
> differen node-names,

Having arbitrary element names certainly rules out DTDs, but not RELAX
NG.  I don't know about W3C Schema.

> do you have some special reasons for that node-name naming conventions?

One person's minimalist tendencies :)

> may i suggest using instead
> <site href="">
>   <link name="index" href="index.html"/>
>   <link name="dreams" href="dreams.html"/>
>   <link name="faq" href="faq.html">
>     <link name="how_can_I_help" href="#how_can_I_help"/>
>     <link name="building_own_website" href="#own_website"/>
> .....

That buys us the ability to validate:

<!ELEMENT link (link*)>

At the cost of 12 extra characters per line.  Seems hardly worth doing :)
And anyway, in Forrest's site.xml, not all elements are links.  One could
have an <about> category, or <external-refs> to store 'external' URLs.

> maybe instead of name attribute, attribute named key, or id fits
> better, anyway this way we could have a DTD and a formal validation
> would be easier,
> an other option:
> <site href="">
>   <link href="index.html">index</link>
> ....

Yep, there's lots of things we could do. In the long term, it would be
good to migrate to either RDF or Topic Maps:

> summarizing my main concern is about validating the linkmap,
> using any of DTD, schema, or Schematron,
> i think that's important in the long run,

You're not alone :)  Pretty much everyone gasps in horror when they first
see element names so gratuitously abused.  But site.xml has to be the
simplest linkbase format in existence, and I think we should preserve
that simplicity for now, and aim for a standardized format (eg RDF/TMs)
in the future.


> regards bernhard

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