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From "Ted Leung" <>
Subject Re: refactoring #1 - expansion of PMC
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 21:02:11 GMT
One more thing...

Per Dirk's message earlier, the people on the PMC will be the default contacts for the ASF
wide security effort unless your project specifically designates a security contact.

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  From: Ted Leung 
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  Sent: Friday, January 24, 2003 12:55 PM
  Subject: refactoring #1 - expansion of PMC

  As you are no doubt aware, the ASF board has approved two new PMC's: one for Web Services
(to include Axis, SOAP, XML-RPC, and XML-Security), and one for Cocoon.

  In keeping with the proposal that I made last week, I'd like each of the remaining subprojects
to elect 1 or 2 persons as they see fit to represent them on the XML PMC.  I would like to
see these elections completed by Friday, Jan 31.   If you need vote counting support please
send a note to  The remaining active projects are:


  Please send your vote results to

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    From: Ted Leung 
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    Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 11:12 AM
    Subject: refactoring #1

    Greetings all,

    From our discussion last December, it seems clear to me that most of the subprojects are
not interested in becoming top-level projects.  It also seems clear that people are interested
broad based representation in the XML PMC.   I think that the best way to improve the issues
related to project oversight is to have a series of small refactorings.  So here's my proposal
for the first refactoring:

    We ask each subproject to nominate 1 (or 2) people from that project to be a part of the
XML PMC.  From my experience, I think that it will be better to have 2 people rather than
one in order to share workload, etc.   I believe that both Axis (is Axis planning on taking
SOAP with it) and Cocoon are in the process of creating their own PMC's.  They would obviously
be exempt from this.

    I know that we're going to have some discussion about this (lets keep it in general@)
-- I encourage it -- but I've also noticed that things tend to peter out after while and nothing
happens, so I want to have an endmarker.  I propose to limit discussion on this proposal until
next Friday Jan 24.  If this proposal is still being considered on the 24th, then I'd propose
that the subprojects nominate their folks by the following Friday, Jan 31.

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