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From "Daniel Smith" <>
Subject Re: What's going on here?
Date Tue, 24 Dec 2002 16:00:21 GMT

Hi all, and Merry Holiday Season to all, in whatever form you take it.

I've been lurking this list for a while, learning a great deal, and thought 
I'd take this chance to ask for my own "Dan's Christmas List". :) I realize 
that many of the persons on this list are those who have been muchly 
involved in creating/promoting the apache XML realm, so that's why I'm 
asking here (first). Personally, in light of discussions going on in the 
past few weeks, I think you ought to all be damned proud of yourselves of 
the work you've all done on these projects. This is coming from a person 
only presently trying to get my mind around all that the Apache project has 
to offer. It is truly profound what you've done, and much of the layman's 
world doesn't even know. That's just an aside.

What I'd like to ask for is if anyone out there could please list for me the 
top 5 or 10 resources they would recommend to anyone trying to learn to 
learn enough to eventually participate in this community, be it books, 
communities, sites, alternate/competing software, etc. I am aware of the 
recent Cocoon books, and have one of them and plan on the other two. I just 
bought "Mastering Tomcat Development" by Wiley, and am aware of the Wrox 
book on same. Particularly, I'd be interested in anything that could quickly 
(relatively) bring me up to speed with Java/J2EE for these projects, or 
databases. Anything and everything would be greatly appreciated. Again, have 
a nice turnaround time of the year, all.

Daniel Smith
Saint Peters, PA, US

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