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From "Robert Koberg" <>
Subject RE: Apache Trove
Date Sun, 08 Dec 2002 23:36:41 GMT
Hi Steven,

interesting choice of the word 'trove'
--- something valuable discovered or found
--- a collection of valuable objects

----- but nothing is discovered - it is already known, of course it is a
collection of valuable objects. The history of the word is from the french verb
'trover = "to find".' But there is nothing to find. It is already known.

but if it is a list of all projects, why not use 'grove'
-- my dictionary says grove = a small wood or stand of trees without dense

----- a clean forrest?

semantic pedantics :)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Steven Noels []
> Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2002 2:30 PM
> To:
> Cc:;
> Subject: Apache Trove
> Hi all,
> due to the recent and upcoming reorgs in terms of the
> 'federation'/project/subproject structure and the assumed increased
> difficulty for people finding their way around ASF projects, I have been
> playing around with a draft 'trove' application, which isn't much more
> than some XML & XSLT glued together, running on top of Cocoon.
> (warning: data entry hasn't
> been completed yet)
> This 'app' runs on top of a very free-formed XML document currently:
> <trove>
>    <federation name="XML">
>      <keyword name="XML"/>
>      <site uri=""/>
>      <description>[...]</description>
>      <project name="FOP">
>        <keyword name="XSL-FO"/>
>        <keyword name="Java"/>
>        <site uri=""/>
>      </project>
>    </federation>
>    <project name="BCEL">
>      <site uri=""/>
>      <description>[...]</description>
>      <federation name="Jakarta"/>
>      <keyword name="Java"/>
>    </project>
>    [...]
> and should be maintained by the respective project communities. I
> already went searching what Gump could offer me in terms of available
> data, but Gump is for obvious reasons limited to Jakarta and XML (Java)
> projects. Adding the Gump people to add a 'keyword' element to their
> descriptors wouldn't cause too much harm, but the problem is that I also
> store the project hierarchy in my data file, and this is slightly
> orthogonal to Gump's structure. So adding extra data to Gump's
> descriptors would help, but not enough and not for everybody (including
> perl/php/...)
> Another approach might be to store a small trove file per project in the
> committers cvs module, where assumably everybody has access too, and me
> aggregating those.
> The (XML) structure being required would be something like:
> <project name="">
>    <site uri=""/>
>    <description></description>
>    <keyword name=""/>
>    (<federation name=""/>)
> </project>
> Projects can contain projects, and can be grouped into 'federations',
> aka httpd, xml, jakarta and others. I tried to set up the stylesheets to
> do something meaningful without many strict requirements on the
> hierarchy of the datafile.
> Anyway, this is just a heads-up. I don't know where I could move it too
> since it falls a bit in-between projects. The presentation is by no
> means finished, but should be easy to tweak. I can nurture this thing on
> my own on my own server, but if other people would be interested in
> playing along, just gimme a yell.
> Cheers,
> </Steven>
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> Steven Noels                  
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