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From "Robert Koberg" <>
Subject RE: [RT] LinkTranslator Usage (Sitemap woes and semantic linking)
Date Sun, 15 Dec 2002 02:29:08 GMT
Hi Bernhard

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> From: Bernhard Huber []
> Sent: Saturday, December 14, 2002 6:12 PM
> To:
> Subject: [RT] LinkTranslator Usage (Sitemap woes and semantic linking)
> hi,
> i was following the discussion about Cocoon CLI, and about links
> now i checked the sources of LinkTranslator and its usage
> inside of Cocoon.
> I was having a problem about serving content as html, and as
> wml.
> Generating wml, or html content from an xml document was
> no real problem thanks to sitemap, xslt.
> But linking of the document was not that obvious.
> Originally i was using inside of the documents
> <link href="index.html">, but as i was implementing the wml
> stuff i releaized that i once should have
> <link href="index.html">, and <link href="index.wml"> for the
> wml stuff, as link/@href was transformed in the xslt stylesheets
> site2html.xsl, or site2wml.xsl.

But can you really have this one-to-one relationship? Perhaps the site you are
building can, but the reality I deal with would not allow this type of thing. In
my experience the WML site needs a different number of pages(length, navigation,
linking, etc). For me, this requires a different site structure that can only be
acheived by laying out the site in a different way. Perhaps I am missing


> Inspired by the schema/protocol discussiion i now
> use <link href="page:index"/>.
> An action named "link-map-translator" sets the Constants.LINK_OBJECT
> table of the objectModel to a table which returns
> for an href "page:index" index.html, or index.wml depending
> on the extension of the Action src extension values.
> The contract i was implementing:
> A browser requests index.html, hrefs of the form page:XXX
> are translated due to the requested page extension '.html'
> to XXX.html, ditto for index.wml is translated to XXX.wml.
> This way i write now xml documents which can be published
> for html, or wml
> I was not aware of the possibilities of LinkTranslator,
> although it is used in  CocoonCLI/FileSavingEnvironment.
> hope it helps in understanding Cocoon "hidden" features a
> bit better.
> bye bernhard

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