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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject Re: questions concerning icons for forrestbar
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 22:12:38 GMT
Hi Frederic,
First of all you need to do a CVS checkout and all your questions will be 
answered. ;-) Cehck out if 
you haven't used winCVS before.  I know you have installed it, but have you 
used it yet?
If you don't want to use CVS, just get a recent snapshot from and unpack this.  Locate the 
src\resources\forrestbar directory and you will find all the necessary files.

If you want to test your icons, just type "build forrestbar" in the 
directory where you unpacked the source and this generates the 
forrestbar.xpi file in the build directory.  I think you know what to do 
with that file.

Regarding the colors, I think you it would be cool if you could use the 
Forrest colors from the site, but appart from that you are free to create 
something beautiful.  I know you can do it. ;-)

Let us see what you can do.


PS1 I'm assuming you have installed a Java VM.  I know you have done so 
otherwise Tomcat wouldn't run on your machine.
PS2 Leuk hé zo ne keer in het Engels babbelen.

At 21:56 18/12/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I had planned to make new icons for the forrestbar a couple of weeks ago,
>but haven't had the time so far.
>I wanted to start doing this last night, downloaded Mozilla and the 
>file and had a look into what needed to be done. I had to establish that
>I don't yet have enough information to complete the task.
>Could someone therefore give me an answer to these following questions?
>1. Are there any other buttons than these: SEARCH, PROJECTS, NEWS, DOWNLOAD,
>Gump, NIGHTLY, CODE, Tools, Local Forrest & Ask Sam?
>2. I assume that I can start designing from scratch? Are there any 
>that I have to fulfil designwise (Style, coloring,...)?
>3. Can someone give me the fileformat (I suppose it should be gifs) and
>the dimensions for these icons? More info about how the current forrestbar
>is graphically created is welcome... (I assume XUL is used, right?)
>Bye for now,
>Frederic Robesyn
>Hou uw internetverbruik beter onder controle ... surf met Tiscali Complete

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