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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Verbatim file copy now works also with CLI
Date Sat, 28 Dec 2002 17:04:27 GMT
Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> steven: mho is that you should back off.  yes, i think it has
> been discussed before, but no, i don't think a consensus agreed
> with your personal preference.  as a *user* of forrest, rather
> than a developer, i tell you three times that I prefer *nicola's*
> solution over your proposition.  yours would make it very clear
> on the final web site which documents were static and which not,
> since afaik there would be a simple verbatim copy from your /static/
> in the source tree to the build tree.  please understand: the
> uri layout belongs to the *user*, not to some starry-eyed developer.

0) there was no consensus in _any_ direction, only -1s and bad feelings
1) this is not only 'my personal pet peeve'
2) it will be visible anyhow that some resources aren't fed across the 
XML-aware pipelines (view source, different layout, etc etc)
3) my /static/ proposition admittedly sucks because I already know 
Nicola won't go for the file: protocol anyhow - it is a stupid compromise

> yes, the above not only sounds snarky but *is* snarky; i'm getting
> rather irritated at the dominant starry-eyed purist opinions that
> seem to have lost sight of the fact that *other* people are going
> to be using the software.

Talk about purists: - you 
were there, then, I assume...? Were they right? Of course. Were they 
regarded by some as starry-eyed purists... assumably.

> /me is *not* in a good mood.  take the above or leave it as you wish.

So it seems. Not.

> all imho of course.

Oh yes - to be repeated and chewed upon on some weblogs for sure. Sigh. 
I don't want to be an asshole, but if that is what people are casting me 
into, I won't fight it. Implementation-wise, this sucks. If users want 
it, fine with me. If they want to litter their filesystem, fine with me. 
We must find some way. But wrapping our pipelines with fuzzy code 'just 
in case' is just plain bad practice.

Other than that - I rest my case :(

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