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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Including legacy html
Date Mon, 23 Dec 2002 23:59:58 GMT
Okay.  In that case, since the form of contribution that I'm able to 
give is not valuable, I will cease contributing to the project in this 
manner, cease evangelizing its use or tracking it.  


Steven Noels wrote:

> Andrew C. Oliver wrote:
>> The fourth choice:
>> - convince others that it is a problem, build a consensus and drive 
>> action towards that effect.
> This isn't a real option IMHO. Escaping from my Lab Rats [1] meme, I 
> think the only real value one can contribute to a project is ... 
> actual contribututions. Even worse, I start to believe that other 
> things can be counterproductive, but I still need arguments to prove 
> that point.
> It's like a relationship. You want some commitment, some strings 
> attached. Otherwise you just go and buy some love.
> </Steven>
> [1]

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