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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Including legacy html
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2002 03:15:58 GMT
> I'd say that whoever feels that forrest is talking more time than it 
> needed it has two choices:
>  - get dirty with it and make it faster

Don't know how.

>  - use something else

I do in most cases.

> The third choice:
>  - complaining about it without doing anything

The fourth choice:

- convince others that it is a problem, build a consensus and drive 
action towards that effect.  You keep telling me love it or leave it. 
 Maybe one day I'll leave it Stefano.  I haven't given up yet.  I just 
have a lot of stuff to sort through before I can do it myself.

> is useless.
> Can Forrest be faster than it is today? sure. I think that with 
> tweaking the sitemap and the component pools we can gain a lot of 
> speed. Also I'm not sure how 'cache friendly' the Cocoon CLI is (that 
> is another source of major speed gain).

That is my concern.  Its not that usable in many cases at its current speed.

> Con Forrest be faster than Anakia? hardly. Anakia doesn't even parse 
> the XML. It's a text generation system. It's designed for command 
> line. It's designed for unstructured data. It's designed for small 
> sites. It's designed with no idea of SoC.

Okay this is the practitioner versus the achedemic here.  I don't care 
about SoC if SoC means my docs come out in 10 minutes versus 1.  

> In short, they are two different things that happen to have partial 
> functionality overlap.

Exactly what practical thing does forrest do that Anakia doesn't other 
than PDF generation?

> Andy, if you like Anakia more because it fits your needs, use that!

I usually do.   I hope one day not to have to.

> And then complain to them about the fact that it doesn't this or that, 
> even if it *doesn't* very quickly :-P
Sorry to burn your holy books... But I just want it to work fast enough 
to use.


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