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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Including legacy html
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 20:41:41 GMT
>uh huh.  right.  that's kinda what i figured.  so never mind.
I didn't like it at first either Ken. But Nicola showed me the light and 
now I'm free from
ever having to mess with such issues... I leave them all to him and just 
whine when the
page looks ugly. Its worked for like a whole year now and I'm loving it!

And seriously conversion only hurt. Maintaining stuff in HTML tends to 
hurt a lot. Its like the difference between having a oozing pulsating 
ulcerated infected laceration on your side and cauterizing the wound 
like Rambo. Sure the oozing pulsating ulcercerated infected laceration 
hurts less at any given time, but over time it will spread and 
eventaully kill you. Cauterizing the wound hurts way more all at once, 
but less over a factor of time.

Therefore HTML is an oozing pulsating ulcerated infected laceration and 
XML (and furthermore forrest) is the gasoline and torch to cure it. Its 
pain, but its good pain! :-D

Michael’s Tip for Cauterizing a Wound:

If you get shot behind enemy lines or left for dead by your team, you 
can cauterize a gunshot wound by yourself. Simply separate several 
bullet casings (2 are good 3 is better), and pour the gunpowder over the 
wound, taking care to cover the wound thoroughly. Then ignite the powder 
with a match or lighter. It’ll hurt like hell, but the wound should 
close - if enough powder is used. Caution: Be careful not to use too 
much powder or you could blow your arm or leg off!

-Non-Artistic Andy

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