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From Bernhard Huber <>
Subject Re: [RT] LinkTranslator Usage (Sitemap woes and semantic linking)
Date Sun, 15 Dec 2002 08:17:37 GMT

>>Originally i was using inside of the documents
>><link href="index.html">, but as i was implementing the wml
>>stuff i releaized that i once should have
>><link href="index.html">, and <link href="index.wml"> for the
>>wml stuff, as link/@href was transformed in the xslt stylesheets
>>site2html.xsl, or site2wml.xsl.
> But can you really have this one-to-one relationship? Perhaps the site you are
> building can, but the reality I deal with would not allow this type of thing. In
> my experience the WML site needs a different number of pages(length, navigation,
> linking, etc). For me, this requires a different site structure that can only be
> acheived by laying out the site in a different way. Perhaps I am missing
> something?

About one-to-one relationship:

For me it works, moreover one "requirement" of the site design was 
reusing xml-document for the html AND for the wml site.

Thus i have xml-document which do not want to change for publishing 
under wml, and html.

Of course wml, and html has different site structure, this is handled
in the site2hml.xsl, respectivly in the site2wml.xsl. But that's layout.

And of course you can do the "page:XXXX" --> index.html, respectivly 
page:XXXX -> index.wml in the stylsheets or some other transformers,
but i want to do the right thing in the right stage.

Thus layouting is implemented in the xsl, links are channel independent 
written in the xml-documents, independent channel links are made 
concrete in the LinkTranslator stage.

best regards bernhard

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