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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: The Mythical Javadoc generator (Re: Conflict resolution)
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 15:37:49 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> It just needs to have the compiled jars in the classpath, and this is 
> what qdox does. I'm talking about a javadoc-like tool, not necessarily 
> javadoc.

We weren't talking about Ant neither, but just a bunch of Java classes 
which appear as implementing a build system :-D

Let's not start fuzzing about terminology. Javadoc is Javadoc, i.e. Anything else is, ... anything else. 
Syntax highlighting Java source code with some hyperlinks hopefully 
resolving to extended or referred clases is quite something else, and 
much more simple to achieve. Of course this can be done using a 

>> Besides which, how long do you think it would take for Cocoon to invoke
>> Javadoc once for every single source file?
> It would invoke its own Generator, not the javadoc tool. Besides, the 
> Generator can always preload all the files if it wants to, there is no 
> real technical problem.

This isn't serious, Nicola.

>> Cocoon is a doc generating tool.  Javadoc is a doc generating tool.  One
>> renders XML, the other renders Java files.  
> Errr, one renders *through* XML, it can get it from anything. Javadoc 
> gets only Java files.
>> Trying to invoke one from the
>> other is... how do I put it politely... um, I'd better not even try :)
> No need to invoke javadoc, it would just need to have the docs in the 
> classpath and generate. On cocoon-docs they seem to be working on a 
> Generator that does this, we'll see.

They are packaging qdox IIRC. Marc & I coached a final terms CS grad 2 
years ago to create a source code/browse system. Trust me - Javadoc is 
quite a different beast: and for 
just two examples.

But as you say, this isn't the problem at hand:

> Anyway, the point is not if Cocoon should *generate* these docs, as it 
> doesn't generate the sources of the docs too. But IMO it should serve 
> them all, be they handwritten or pregenerated. In Centipede we generate 
> documentv11 docs out of junit, checkstyle, and other tests, and pass 
> them to Forrest. Of course I don't want Cocoon to *generate* them, but 
> to publish them, yes.


Now how are we going to address & locate these non-generated, yet 
published resources? Is my FS mail anywhere near a feasible approach 
(i.e. LinkResolverTransformer)?

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