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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Conflict resolution (Re: URI spaces: source, processing, result)
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 13:23:22 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

> 2) Want to withdraw your -1 and trust that The World According to Jeff is
> not a dystopian nightmare of mixed concerns.

While Jeff still should prove his world using running code, I do trust 
him: he has proven in the past that he is able to live up the 
expectations he created himself. This doesn't mean we shouldn't do the 
discussion. But we should make it a discussion as Jeff says:

If I see 'SoC breakage', I want it to be defined. It is too much of a 
vague term. We should all trust our own bellies, but not each belly is 
equal. So let's please don't use SoC, IoC and FS without explaining what 
problems we will encounter. And I hope we try to be as openminded as 
possible, while keeping F. Brooks in mind: there is NO silver bullet. 
Not even Cocoon.

I hate seeing Ant becoming part of the Forrest equation, because it will 
break webapps. At the same time, I have had this REALLY BIG argument 
about external resources in the office that much, that I'm pretty sure 
we can't fit everything underneath Cocoon.

We shouldn't forget the sitemap is a pattern specification language, 
similar to XSLT. I'm not a CS grad at all, but I'm pretty sure there 
exists no immediate, direct relationship between a URI space (a 
collection of URIs) and a sitemap configured as a reactor for that 
'incoming namespace'. So we might need something new for that.

No 'trust' thing here too, please, let's leave that to other mailing 
lists. And no opinions, feelings or judgement that aren't backed by 
code. I have seen quite some FUD lately on various Apache mailing lists, 
some of it based on eloquence and position rather than on facts (that 
was quite an eloquent sentence if I may say so ;-)

Or was this FUD? Dunnow.


ps: I'll be off-list from 17/Dec until Christmas. 'The back' needs 
surgery. No Wi-Fi access in hospitals, I gues ;-)
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