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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: linking static pdf and binary files in a forrest site
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2002 12:49:42 GMT
While everyone is reading those discussions again :-)

There was some consensus (don't remember a vote though) on
- using CAP's (they were introduced inn cvs as the
SourceTypeAction  (see /cap.html in your xml-forrest/build/site
- in combination with using some ResourceExistAction checking off
if the actual file exists --> read, else CAP
- removing extensions in the xdocs <link> elms
- to introduce them again in an xslt file
- and reorganize one and the other to make heavier use of cocoon

And I have to admit I've been quite away since then, so I'm in no
position to answer the question in terms of what is done with all
of this since then: as far as my quick scan learns me:
- only an example-usage of the sourcetype action is in the sitemap
- extensions are still in the xdocs <link>'s

So thx for bringing this up, am quite interested to get an easy
update on this as well (beats scanning through the postings I
missed the past weeks :-))


Matt Jones wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been trying to use forrest to develop a new site.  Its great. 
> Thanks!  I've only encountered one serious problem that keeps me from 
> using Forrest:
> When I try to include an existing pdf file (or other binary format 
> files) in the site, it doesn't 'do the right thing'.  I don't want any 
> transformation to occur on this file, I just want the pdf copied over 
> and linked as it is.  When I add it to the xdocs dir, Forrest tries to 
> convert it and fails.  So, where should I put it?  I found some earlier 
> threads in the archive about this [1] [2], but there was no conclusion 
> about how to do this or even how the forrest developers agreed to handle 
> it.  Can someone provide of summary of how this should work?
> Is this where it goes?
>     src/documentation/content/xdocs/donttransformthisfile.pdf
> or here:
>     src/documentation/content/donttransformthisfile.pdf
> or elsewhere?  Do I need to use some sort of filename hint? Do I need to 
> modify the sitemap?  And how do I specify the link in other xdocs that 
> are linking to it?
> Thanks for the help,
> Matt
> [1] Impossible to integrate PDF documents in forrest site
> [2] [VOTE] Usage of file.hint.ext convention

Marc Portier                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center                    

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