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From Matt Jones <>
Subject linking static pdf and binary files in a forrest site
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 23:31:38 GMT

I've been trying to use forrest to develop a new site.  Its great. 
Thanks!  I've only encountered one serious problem that keeps me from 
using Forrest:

When I try to include an existing pdf file (or other binary format 
files) in the site, it doesn't 'do the right thing'.  I don't want any 
transformation to occur on this file, I just want the pdf copied over 
and linked as it is.  When I add it to the xdocs dir, Forrest tries to 
convert it and fails.  So, where should I put it?  I found some earlier 
threads in the archive about this [1] [2], but there was no conclusion 
about how to do this or even how the forrest developers agreed to handle 
it.  Can someone provide of summary of how this should work?

Is this where it goes?

or here:

or elsewhere?  Do I need to use some sort of filename hint? Do I need to 
modify the sitemap?  And how do I specify the link in other xdocs that 
are linking to it?

Thanks for the help,


[1] Impossible to integrate PDF documents in forrest site

[2] [VOTE] Usage of file.hint.ext convention

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