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From Joerg Pietschmann <>
Subject Re: [RT] Entities in XML docs
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 19:52:17 GMT
On Monday 30 December 2002 13:06, Jeff wrote:

Just a few clarifications:

> And &&foo;;.  Ie, it's not a valid variable, 
The problem is &&foo;; looks intrinsically bad, but ${${foo}} doesn't.
You have to sell this point to the users who might confuse this with
"recursive substitution". Belive me, this will happen.

> >   <!DOCTYPE foo [
> >     <!ELEMENT foo (a)>
> >     <!ELEMENT a #PCDATA>]>
> >   <foo>${foo}</foo>
> >   and foo expands to <a>bar</a>.
> That looks valid to me.  I assume you meant foo to expand to <b>bar</b>
> or something.
The point was that the document is *invalid* before ${foo} is
substituted, thereby possibly causing problems with schema directed
editors, and is valid only after the substitution.

> Options I see:
> My preferences are 1), 3) and 2.2).
You forgot 2.2b) Use <xi:include> for including XML snippets, and too
bad about validation.
BTW for 3), I don't see in what sense it ties forrest to Xerces: its the
easiest way to hook into Xerces, but you also can turn off parser
validation and put a SAX driven RNG (or DTD) validator in the pipeline
after the XInclude processor. Basically, its the same as 1), just a
concrete, near term implementation.

> ... write thick books explaining..
If I'd been the author of only *one* of this thick best-selling books... ;)


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