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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: [RT] Entities in XML docs
Date Sat, 28 Dec 2002 06:54:26 GMT
On Fri, Dec 27, 2002 at 06:02:16PM +0100, Steven Noels wrote:
> >Looking at the definition for NMTOKEN, this also provides some convenient
> >restrictions to the primary key value, which otherwise we'd have to enforce
> >with regexps:
> >
> >Nmtoken  ::= (NameChar)+
> >NameChar ::= Letter | Digit | '.' | '-' | '_' | ':' | CombiningChar | 
> >Extender
> Hm... we somehow collectively know we'll use RelaxNG instead of DTDs for 
> the validation of 'technical' resources (i.e. not documents), and given 
> the prospect of pluggable datatypes in RNG, we can force any type of 
> validation we want for both element content and attributes values.


> An attribute type of NMTOKEN also exists. I'm not sure whether you can 
> declare 'any' attribute in RNG while still specifying the type being 
> NMTOKEN or something similar, but 'someone will tell me' ;-)

There's a NMTOKEN datatype in XSD or something that we could use.

> >Finally, we could never have a RNG or DTD for site.xml, because it is
> >intended to be arbirtarily extended, vertically by whatever page
> >classification scheme the user wants, and horizontally with whatever
> >page metadata the user wants.  There could be attributes for
> >timestamps, access levels, difficulty levels, related pages, bogosity
> >readings, anything.  At best, we could have a Schematron enforcing the
> >presence of minimal metadata, ie @href.  Even @label is optional, eg:
> >
> >  <primer label="Forrest Primer" href="primer.html">
> >    <cvs href="#cvs"/>
> >  </primer>
> In my mind and practice, I only use Schematron for things which can't be 
> expressed in other grammar languages, i.e. context- or value-dependent 
> values or models, like:
> the contentmodel for element c depends on the value of the attribute b 
> attached to some element a
> and even then, I wonder how that would like in Schematron :-s

Oh well, any old schema language.. in the end, we still have an
arbirtarily structured file where the only thing validatable is metadata.

Thinking about it, RDF might be a good way to express metadata about
files in a website.  Didn't Tim Bray or someone recently come up with a
Notation that Doesn't Suck?  I can't seem to find it.  Anyone here know
anything about RDF? :)  Is it usable by mortals to store metadata about a

> >><shortcut name="xml4j">Xerces-Java</shortcut>
> >>
> >>These are shortcuts, aren't they? -
> >
> >
> >Yes, shortcuts, macros etc.  If we go with ${foo} syntax, 'variable' sounds
> >most natural.
> ${} is everywhere... I don't mind, but maybe {{}} would be kewl too...? 

Anything really.. it should be specifiable in the sitemap.  If ${foo}
can't be resolved it should be left unmodified.

> We should define escape characters too, if only for our own documentation.



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